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Wujiang Liufu Textile Co.,Ltd  
ADD: Shengze,Wujiang,Jiangsu
Ms:Kerry gao

Wujiang Liufu Textile Co.,Ltd  is located in Shengze town , It's famous for it's good name "Producing 10,000 meters one day,covering all over the world" . It's near  Tai lake and Shanghai ,the highway is connect with 318 and 205 road which has a convenient traffic ..Welcome the customers from all over the world to come and give guidance . We will serve you quality products , reasonable prices and considerable services with strong technology ,advanced equipments.As the leader of the provincial textile industry of Jiangsu, has brought forward a development objective of constructing a nation-class textile production base and a slogan of “a piece of fabric is like a flag”.Our development cannot be made without the assistance from each customer, and your prosperity also gets our  success confirmed!
This is the relationship between each customer and us. To make joint fortune is our mutual objective!Let us be the witness of the fabric success!


>>>Viscose Fabrics<<<
LFP1175 Rayon Print

>>>Viscose Fabrics<<<
LF1804 Viscose Spandex Satin

>>>Viscose Fabrics<<<

>>>Silk Blending Fabric<<<
LF1873 Silk Cotton Chiffon

>>>Silk Blending Fabric<<<
LF1866 Silk Cotton Habutai

>>>Silk Blending Fabric<<<
LF1865 Silk Cotton Twill

>>>Silk Blending Fabric<<<
LF1864 Spandex Silk Cotton GGT

>>>Silk Blending Fabric<<<
LF1863 Spandex Silk Cotton Satin

>>>Silk Blending Fabric<<<
LF1862 Spandex Silk Cotton GGT

>>>Silk Blending Fabric<<<
LF1861 Silk Cotton Crincle GGT

>>>Silk Blending Fabric<<<
LF1860 Spandex Silk Cotton Satin

>>>Silk Blending Fabric<<<
LF1859 Silk Cotton Twill Fabric

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